Cultivating naturally. Within untouched regenerative forest land.

vvFor the last 15 years Vaishali and Vikram Bokey have tried to do only one thing.
To grow food that not only sustains the human body but also works as integrated medicine for the body.

Using ancient and traditional processes of growing food, with the inherent wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

They have cultivated only a tenth of their farm for this, – allowing a free hand to nature’s energies to create the environment for human sustenance.

The Bokeys’ have also tried to spread this awareness beyond their property to thousand of farmers in the state of Maharashtra in India.

Grains, vegetables and spices. All grown in the “forest model”.

Produced in a forest environment. Offered in the city.

View the list of our fresh produce, straight from the farm :

Indrayani-Brown rice
Indrayani White rice
Ambemohar-Brown rice
Ambemohar-White rice
Wheat Sehoor
Wheat Lokwan
Wheat Sarbati
Wheat Suruchi
Wheat Khapali
Jowar/Sorghum Bicolony
Wheat Sehoor Aata
Wheat Lokwan Aata
Wheat Sarbati Aata
Wheat Suruchi Aata
Wheat Khapali Aata
Nachani/Ragi Aata
Jowar/Sorghum Bicolony Ata
Bajari Aata
Besan/Gram flour
11.Gram Bhajni Aata

Toor Daal/Arhar Daal/Split Piegon Pea
Moong daal with chilka
Urad Akkha
Urad Daal
Moong Whole/Green Gram
Chana daal
Jaggery /gud
Jaggery Powder
Multi Grain Aata

Chilli Powder
Dhaniya/ Coriender Powder
White Sesame/Teel
Desi cow ghee
Desi cow milk

Dhaniya Whole
Sunflower Seed
Oyster Mushroom
Sundried tomato
Black pepper
Tej Patta
Cashew Whole(Kaju)
Cashew Half
Walnut(Akrod)( 250 Gm)
Anardana (250Grm)
Chamomile Tea
Lichee Honey 500gm
Wild Honey(Mah) 500 gm
Wild Honey(Mah) 250 gm
Strawberry Jams 250gm
Cowdung Cakes

“Our methods of growing food is in harmony with nature and compassionate, respectful of other life forms.”

Ancient spiritual texts describe the whole of creation as a vast food chain, the cosmos a giant food cycle.
However, harvesting crops and fruits from the forests is recommended since this minimizes the likely harm to other life forms and nature.
Shashwat follows this principle in farming and cultivating.
Some crops are harvested, but about fifteen percent is left wild for the consumption of the monkeys, rabbits, wild boar, porcupines and deer who live in the forests.

A little place for you to stay. Explore, learn and regenerate.

Shashwat farm offers two small but comfortable rooms for you to stay, with food cooked from what we produce at the farm.
You are welcome to spend an entire weekend or longer, exploring the farm, climbing the hills around the farm and getting acquainted with the process of organic farming.

What we offer is completely natural surroundings, a pure diet, fresh air to breathe and an environment that revives you completely.

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